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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Commodity Aggregators
  1. All deliveries are settled within 6 hours from the time of presentation of valid goods received note (GRN) for the food processor (commodity buyer).
  2. Accepted orders must be delivered in line with quality and quantity specifications, and in line with agreed schedules.
  3. Deviation from the agreed delivery schedule or failure to deliver accepted orders attracts penalty. Such penalty includes forfeiture of trading deposit and/ or claw back of loss sustained.
  4. Deliveries should be made at Prices stated in the Order Delivery Note (ODN). That is, variations in the market prices should not cause variation in the prices of accepted orders.
  5. Should there be any occurrence beyond the control of the aggregator that will cause significant deviation to the delivery schedule (accidents, breakdown of vehicle, etc), the aggregator must communicate same to Voriancorelli ASAP. In addition, efforts must be made to remedy the situation as quick as possible.
Terms & Conditions for Food Processors
  1. Deliveries for matched/accepted trades should be in line with quantity and quality specifications as stated on the order document.
  2. Every valid order must be evidenced by acceptable trade instruments (purchase orders, trade fulfilment contracts, digital/smart contracts, etc).
  3. Every trade instruments must contain the following among other information (coupon, order validity, payment terms, quality and quantity specifications, delivery schedules, etc).
  4. Every delivery made in line with the provisions of an order must be accepted. That is, a commodity buyer (food processor) cannot reject a delivery that meets the specifications stated on the order document and is done in line with an agreed delivery schedule.
  5. Failure to make payment in line with the order document attracts a penalty which is application of interest of ₦1.50 per kg for each day the payment remains outstanding.
  6. Should there be occurrences that will significantly affect the agreed delivery plan; such will be communicated to the commodity buyer within earliest possible time.
  7. Unloading of commodities must be done in line with an agreed time period. Should there be unreasonable delay; compensation equivalent to ordinary earnings of the truck for the period the delay lasts.